The Ultimate Guide to Consistent 5k Months:

A comprehensive 89-page workbook for new online coaches

After nearly two years of trial-and-error, I developed a framework that has helped me make consistent 5k and 10k months in my online coaching business... Even on top of being a full-time PhD student! And that's exactly why I created this workbook - To help you simplify and streamline your business so you can start hitting your first 5k months, even while you're in a 9-5!

What's Inside

In this jammed-pack workbook, you'll be guided through many, many exercises to help structure your online coaching business in a way that's simple and streamlined. Because trust me when I say that your business does NOT have to feel like a second full-time job!

  • Part 1: Brand Positioning - Stand out from other peers in your niche

  • Part 2: Social Media & Content Strategy - Create content that builds interest and demand for your program

  • Part 3: Marketing & Selling Your Offers - Plan your offers and promotions for your coaching program

  • Part 4: Amplifying What's Working - Increase your visibility online and grow your income & impact

  • Part 5: Mindset - All of the strategies in this Guide work. But, if your thoughts aren't in check, it's really hard to make those strategies work.

This Guide follows my signature 5-Part Framework

This is my method that has helped my business hit consistent 5k and 10k months. It's also the exact same process my clients follow to build their businesses and sign clients. In this workbook, you'll be guided through this 5-Part Framework so you can think of your own strategies and how you'd like to operate your business in a way that can facilitate 5k months.


Get instant access to your 5k Guide and let's get things moving.

What Some Past Clients Have Said

Brittany T.

Since our work together, I’ve also been featured on 2 podcasts, and will be featured on another. I received an opportunity to be a mentor at the STEM Advocacy Institute and a facilitator for an event hosted by American Chemical Society’s Chemical & Engineering News. I also sold out my paid beta program and will be launching it soon!

Ariana D.

Working with Cheryl gave me the skills and confidence to launch a business within 3 weeks. I was able to do market research, create my signature offer, and book 3 clients within one month.

Stephanie P.

Not only did Cheryl help me get my first 5 clients, she has coached me through so many of my doubts and has guided me in transforming my mindset around showing up online - not just for my audience and potential clients, but for myself. That’s powerful!

Theresa N.

Cheryl is a fantastic coach and really cares about her clients. Her support and motivation got me from anxious, scared, and unsure where to start, to getting my first and second paid clients!

Wendy V.

Within 2 months of working together, she helped me refine my niche, power up my personal brand on social media, launch my 1:1 coaching program and guess what, SCORE MY FIRST PAYING CLIENT.


  • Will there be refunds?

    No refunds will be offered.

  • I have a question

    Please DM me @cheryltheory on Instagram or send me an email at

  • What's the format of the Guide?

    This is a comprehensive 89-page PDF e-book. There is no excessive white space or fluff, unlike many other e-books available online. You'll also get both a fillable version and a plain version (not fillable) that you can print out.

  • Can you tell me more about what's inside?

    My approach when working with clients is to guide them to make their own decisions. This workbook follows the same approach - There are many, many exercises and prompts for you to think about so you can develop your own structure and action plans. If you are looking for pages and pages of "how-to" information, my 1:1 or group coaching program will be a better fit (